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Compiled in this collection are hundreds of New Creation studies, used of God to change and transform many, many lives.

Take some time to thoroughly explore this section, as there are numerous priceless treasures to be found within!

Study Title

Brief Summary

24 Studies on Christian Faith and Doctrine
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A selection of study articles by various authors including term classes, summer, winter, and spring school notes.

God's Holy Love

A Weekly Devotional and reflection program.
Approximately 100 studies by various speakers to live audiences. Over 3,ooo pages of valued teaching. Most of these have been taped as cassettes and are being converted to mp3.

Short articles by various authors. These studies have been a source of great encouragement and edification for many people, along with other studies that have never been published and are exclusive to this website.

Adelaide Monthly Ministry Studies

Sydney Monthly Studies
1987 >

Monthly studies are conducted in Adelaide and Sydney. For the more dedicated and mature in faith, covering a range of themes. Most Adelaide studies have now been converted to mp3 on CD.

Ministry Schools
1990 >

Schools with a systematic theme. Speakers present papers to live audiences in various venues around Australia. mp3 list
Essential for knowing the nature of God and His relationship with the human race which He has created.

Living Faith Studies

Studies that cover many themes of Christian faith and Practice for the serious student or Pastor. mp3 list

The Meaning and Making of Man

A Series of Seven Studies on Christian Counselling

The God and Father of Us All

Only by knowing the Fatherhood, the Sonship, and the Spirit as the Spirit of the Father and the Son can we come to personal fulfilment as human beings.

The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit

16 Studies on the Holy Spirit

The Person and Work of Christ

18 Studies in Christology. "But who do you say that I am?"

The Comprehending Series

This popular series is written in a format easy to handle, read and understand.

Sweeter Than Honey,
More Precious than Gold

Why is it that some have a deep dislike for God's law, thinking it outmoded? 

The Saving Work of Christ

Can we really know what God the Father was and is about in His Son, Jesus Christ?

Christ's Cross and Us

How can a Cross be eternal?

Discovering Your Identity

Come and see the measure of grace which can liberate and mature Man into his full personhood.

A Biblical Way of Counselling

Counsel for people must come from the wisdom of God, and that this wisdom is given to us in the Scriptures.

Living in the Kingdom

Studies in the Sermon on the Mount

Glory Studies

One of the keys to the matter of sanctification and glorification lies in the fact that it was God's intention, even before He created the world, to glorify and sanctify us.

Christian Teaching Series

Helpful Christian teaching and instruction.

The Word and The Words of The Cross

These words deal with forgiveness.

Biblical Commentaries

1 Peter, John's Gospel, Ephesians, Galatians (and more)


Bunyan, Müller, Whitefield, Newton, John Knox and Spurgeon