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A Biblical Way of Counselling

Biblical Way of Counselling (A)

Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

by Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

Subject: Counselling

Book Code: 011

Pages: 75 pp, Booklet

Pub. Date: 1985

ISBN: 0 86408 034 4

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  • What, then, is Biblical counselling?
  • Coming to know man through God.
  • How then shall we relate?
  • Authority, and the life of love.
  • Release and fulfilment in His Fatherhood.
  • Losing anger and finding tranquility.
  • How, then, shall we heal?

These are themes with which this small books deals. They are matters which confront us today in a world of broken and tangled relationships.

Every day there is anger, hatred and bitterness. How can one emerge from all this, healed and unscarred? How can tranquility come to the human heart amidst so many fears and stresses, today?

In a brief way—perhaps an all too brief way—the writer of this book seeks share helpful insights, and even give direction to those who seek to aid troubled people. It is not a book only for professionals—although they too, may well benefit from reading it—but it is a book for any person who seeks to bring comfort to his fellow creatures.


Forward to Biblical way of Counselling

A Portrait of A Christian Counsellor

What then, is biblical counselling?

Coming to Know Man, Through God

How, Then, Shall We Relate?

Authority, & The Life of Love

Release & Fulfilment in His Fatherhood

Losing Anger And Finding Tranquillity— I

Losing Anger& Finding Tranquility

How, Then, Shall We Heal?

Conclusion to Biblical Way of Counselling