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God's Holy Love

God's Holy Love (2nd Ed)

Rev. Martin Bleby

by Rev. Martin Bleby

Subject: God, Worship and Love, Christian Love

Book Code: 359

Pages: 251 pp, Book

Pub. Date: 2002, 2007

ISBN: 0 86408 254 1

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In God's Holy Love, the fruit of nearly thirty years of pastoral ministry and teaching, Martin uses selections from the Scriptures to highlight the truths of God, Jesus, the Spirit, and the Church and Kingdom as these impact and change our lives.




  Weeks 1-9: God, the Father Almighty   Weeks 19-27: The Work of the Holy Spirit
1 Creator and Provider of All 19 Who Is the Holy Spirit
2 What Are We Made for? 20 The Spirit in the Old Testament
3 What God Requires of Us 21 The Spirit and Jesus
4 Our Duty towards God 22 The Promise of the Spirit
5 Our Duty towards Our Neighbour 23 The Coming of the Spirit
6 God's Good Rule Rejected 24 Repentance and the Forgiveness of Sins
7 The Worship of Other 'Gods' (Idols) 25 Faith and Belonging to God
8 Wrath—the Pressure of God's Holy Love 26 The Fruit of the Spirit
9 God's Covenant Faithfulness 27 The Gifts of the Spirit
  Weeks 10-18: Jesus Christ, His Only Son, Our Lord   Weeks 28-36: The Church and the Kingdom of God
10 Who Is the Son? 28 The Planned Family
11 What Is His Mission? 29 Called to God—Sent to Serve
12 Became One of Us 30 Christ and His Church
13 The Only Son of the Father 31 Loving One Another
14 Crucified, Dead and Buried 32 Baptism
15 For Us and for Our Salvation 33 The Lord's Supper