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Living in the Kingdom

Studies in the Sermon on the Mount

Living in the KingdomAbout this book ...

The Sermon on the Mount must have seemed clear enough to those who heard Jesus utter it. It is set out so simply that we should not have difficulty understanding it.

The fact is that we do find difficulty. Perhaps this is because we have 'a hidden agenda'-the thing we want to be about, rather than what God demands of us.

Ian Pennicook in some 36 pages has given us a lucid, interesting, and helpful interpretation of Matthew chapters five to seven. No one would deny we need guidelines for daily living. Not all realise that Christ set these out in the Sermon on the Mount, not for people generally as a system of ethics, but as the way of daily living in his Kingdom.

It is a book, then, for those in the Kingdom of God, but others who are outside may well be intrigued and gripped by what the author writes.


Ian Pennicook is an Anglican minister, with enough years of pastoral and teaching training along with unusual experience of life, to fit him to write commentaries. He is also Director of New Creation Teaching Ministry in New South Wales.

Living in the Kingdom: Studies in the Sermon on the Mount

Rev. Ian Pennicook

by Rev. Ian Pennicook

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Subject: Bible Study

Book Code: 101

Audio Code: CS 39.7, 39.8

Pages: 36 pp, Booklet

Pub. Date: 1985, 2007

ISBN: 978 0 86408 289 3

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