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The Grace of Giving

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Many Christians seem to go through life without ever really thinking about giving. Although they may progress in almost every other area of their spiritual walk except in their stewardship of money. They appear to have no plan, priority or perspective relating to Christian giving. A biblical view of the place of money is rarely held by Christians these days. We are often ignorant of the fact that the Bible says much about money, and therefore our understanding of the subject is often distorted and misinformed.

The following material has been assembled in an attempt to address some of the current attitudes regarding money and giving within the church. My own experience over forty-five years has been the motivation for wanting to share with other believers something of the joy of giving.

At the heart of true giving is the need for a right theology-not so much a theology of money or of giving, but a right theology of God himself. It is an understanding of the giving of God which provides the only true motive for us to give, and any so-called 'Christian' giving which is not prompted by God's grace is ultimately no giving at all. True giving is God's gift.

It is my hope that this small document might change the lives of many. I know of few other fundamental principles which can so alter the life of a believer than a right understanding of the place of money and the blessing of grace-giving within the context of the Christian church. For those willing to see things from God's perspective and who respond in obedience and faith, an exciting adventure lies ahead!

I acknowledge my indebtedness to those from whom I have especially learned a great deal over the years concerning money and giving: my faithful parents; my one time pastor, Rev. Reg Hanlon; my friend Rev. Geoffrey Bingham; Dr. Oswald Smith—founder of Peoples Church, Toronto, Canada; and the Rev. Michael Baughen, one time rector of All Souls, Langham Place, London. Much of the material in this book has been crystallised in my thinking and worked out in my experience as a result of their combined teaching and example.

John Dunn

Chatswood, May 2000

Grace of Giving (The)

John Dunn

by John Dunn

Subject: Giving

Book Code: 364

Pages: 175 pp, Book

Pub. Date: 2000

ISBN: 0 86408 237 1

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