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Triune Worship

Holy Father in Your mercy

You draw us to worship You:

By Your love in full adoring

With the heart that You made new.

Abba Father! How we love You

In our worship wholly true.

Blesséd Son! Oh blesséd Saviour!

Blesséd Brother! Holy Lord!

To the Father all our worship

Is through You who are the Word.

Blesséd Priest who in the sanctuary

Helps us worship Father God.

Holy Spirit! God Eternal!

By Your power and uttered Word

We adore the Son and Father,

Worship full the Triune God.

Pentecost has won our worship

Through the power of Christ's dear blood.

Through the Holy City's portals,

Stream the nations and the tribes,

God and Man in glory seated,

One forever, loosed from strife,

Freed of guilt and wounds by healing

Leaves plucked from the tree of life.

With the hosts of heavenly creatures

One with You, Your children cry,

Singing, 'Glory, power and honour,

God of love eternally,

You who ever live within us

Granting immortality!'

Triune God! Eternal Glory!

Filled our spirits are to raise

Songs and psalms of adoration,

Praise and worship all our days:

To Your Persons in Your Oneness

Flow eternal, endless lays.

© Geoffrey Bingham, 1991

{Pastors School 1991- Trinitarian Theology: Human Unity & Relationships"}


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