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Hid With Christ in God

Oh Christ we are Yours

And Lord You are ours,

And we are in God who is King:

The Father our Lord has made us both one:

As one to the Father we sing.

You gave Him your love

As He lived in Your will,

He went to the Cross for the death

To save the sad world from it's sin and it's grief,

Who loved to His very last breath.

You rose from the grave

By the glory of Him-

One with the Father in power:

You took to Yourself the ones whom He gave,

Your Church in dear Pentecost's hour.

Our life is now hid

In the Christ whom we love-

His life in the Father immersed:

We are one in that life, as one in that love:

In Him is our sorrow reversed.

Our lives in this world

In the midst of all men,

Are lived by the power unseen.

Our gaze is above whilst we move on this earth,

And share what Your blood has made clean.

The hour is near

When You shall appear-

Our Lord in rich glory revealed:

Our glory shall too with Your glory be one;

Our sonship forever be sealed.

Oh Father and Son!

Oh Spirit beloved!

Our hearts with Your heart wholly one

Shall glorify You in the City of joy,

Whose lives are now hid in the Son.

Forever as one

In the fam'ly of love,

Partakers of Godhead we'll be.

This glorified dust in fellowship full

Shall reign with the glorious Three.

Oh Three Who are One!

In homage we bow

With angels and creatures galore:

Our thunderous praise to Your dear throne we raise,

Forever Your splendour adore.

© Geoffrey Bingham, 1991

[Pastors School 1991- Trinitarian Theology: Human Unity & Relationships"]


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