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Zechariah: God's Covenant from the Old to the New


Title: Zechariah: God's Covenant from the Old to the New

Author: Martin Bleby

Subject: Bible Study: Zechariah

Book Code: 422

Pages: 54 pp, Book

Pub. Date: 2009

ISBN:978 0 86408 307 4



Zechariah’s position in history and in the biblical canon marks the passing of the old covenant with Israel and the coming of the new covenant for all the nations of the earth in Jesus. As the day draws near, the manner of this new covenant is set out in clearer and more specific detail than anywhere else in the Old Testament. An exploration of this theme, which this commentary takes to be at the heart of Zechariah’s prophecy, takes us back to the beginnings of the covenant with Israel, and on to the fulfilment of the everlasting covenant of God in Jesus, and in the end times.

Zechariah is quoted or alluded to in the New Testament at highly significant points. Jesus and his apostles saw the gospel events clearly delineated in the prophecy of Zechariah. A good reason to study the prophecy of Zechariah is because we are directed to it by Jesus and his apostles.

The prophet Zechariah in his own day lived at an important time in the history of Israel: the return of a remnant of Israel from exile in Babylon, and the rebuilding of the temple. While Zechariah was personally and directly involved in these events in a practical way at the time, together with his fellow prophet Haggai, the relative smallness of these events was used by God to show Zechariah their larger eternal significance in the saving purpose of God for the whole world. So we study Zechariah with interest regarding his own time, and even more for what God showed him that is of significance for us today.


Martin Bleby likes nothing better than to take people through parts of the Bible, especially as they relate to the whole good plan and purpose of God for His creation. Ordained in the Anglican Church, with many years’ experience of pastoral ministry in country, outback and metropolitan South Australia, he now exercises a teaching ministry, at the service of all the churches, through the New Creation Teaching Ministry, based in the Adelaide Hills.