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Baptised into Christ Jesus

Ministry School 2009

Title: Baptised into Christ Jesus
(Ministry School 2009)

Author: Various

Subject: Being in Christ

Book Code: 421

Pages: 186 pp, Book

Pub. Date: 2009

ISBN:978 0 86408 306 7

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Baptised into Christ Jesus

In the New Testament that is a triumphant declaration: in parts of today’s church that canbe a gauntlet thrown down. But in this school the gauntlet will not be taken up.

This is a school about what God the Father, in Christ, through the Holy Spirit, has done in us. He has taken rebellious humanity, joined it to his crucified Son and washed it clean, filled it with his Spirit and set it as his own precious possession.

Instead of disputes about what the New Testament does not say, we will be seeing ‘the great things He has done’, and our expectation is that, as a result, there will be ‘great . . . rejoicing through Jesus the Son’.

1. Transforming Baptism Ian Pennicook
2. Something New Is Here Ian Pennicook
3. In Adam: Created and Fallen Sam Bleby
4. Baptism as Incorporation into Christ Siew Kiong Tham
5. Baptism as Receiving the Spirit Andrew Klynsmith
6. Baptism as Incorporation into the Body of Christ Martin Bleby
7. Possessed by Christ Trevor Faggotter
8. Baptism and the Covenant with Abraham Siew Kiong Tham
9. Baptism as Purification from Sin Martin Bleby
10. Adam and Christ Ian Pennicook
11. Baptised into the Triune Name Noel Due
12. Faith Receives It All Rod James
13. Rebirth to a Living Hope Randall Lawton
14. Participants in Christ’s Sufferings Noel Due
15. Participants in Christ’s Resurrection Life Brian Arthur
16. Creep Back to Your Baptism Ian Pennicook
17. There Is One Baptism James Krieg
18. Resurrection and Fullness Trevor Faggotter
19. By Water and the Word Randall Lawton
20. As You Received Christ Jesus the Lord … Martin Bleby