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The Revival God Gives

The Revival God Gives


by Geoffrey Bingham

Subject: Revival

Book Code: 394

Pages: 49 pp, Booklet

Pub. Date: 2003

ISBN: 0 86408 265 7

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There are many views regarding revival, but two main approaches to it. There are those who say that whilst the word `revival' may be found in the Old Testament and that Israel had something of a revival from time to time, yet the word is not a New Testament word in the sense that we use it today. In other words, a doctrine of revival—as such—is not to be found within the pages of the New Testament. What is found within these pages is the command to preach the gospel and found churches, pastoring and building them up. If the gospel is preached, men and women saved, and the church led into truth. then its life will be maintained. To speak of revival as a doctrine is to talk of something that is unnecessary and uncalled for.

The other approach is that history tells us that the church for many reasons may, from time to time, become indolent and moribund, with heresy and wrong practice making inroads into it. Just as in Israel God brought judgments, and even exiled the nation, so too the church is in similar danger. God promised Israel that He would restore her, even though she was deeply judged and punished. He would revive her into the fullness of her true being so that she would live in covenant relationship with Him, and be whole. She would fulfil the plan He had for the nation—to be His chosen people, and to witness to Him. If Israel needed to be revived from time to time then so may the church.