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Running the Race

Disciplined Christian Living

Running the Race:
Disciplined Christian Living

Author: John Dunn

John Dunn

Subject: Christian Life

Book Code: 390

Pages: 289 pp, Book

Pub. Date: 2003

ISBN: 0 86408 260 6

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Running the Race by John DunnThe idea of sell-control or self-discipline is almost foreign to our culture. This attitude has invaded the church to such an extent that many Christians have no sense of the urgent need for holiness of life and genuine discipleship. Behind this shortcoming there often lies a low view of the grace of God and a shallow understanding of the wonder of his forgiveness.

Running the Race is a call to Christians to get back to biblical basics in the areas of personal self-discipline, holy living, being disciples of Christ and having right goals. It looks at the necessity for a consistent walk with the Lord in Bible study, prayer, worship and living in the Spirit. The author urges readers to take seriously the dire necessity to bring one's mind, body and conduct under the authority of Scripture. This affects all areas of living including our attitude to work, the use of time and money, and right conduct within our relationships. Christian self-discipline is shown to be fundamental not only to a right perspective on life here and now, but pivotal in setting our goals so that we will be in step with God's ultimate intention to bring us into glory as his sons and daughters who reflect the character of his Son.

John Dunn lived in Sydney and ran a consultancy company specialising in the design of trains and trams, The author of several engineering publications as well as numerous study notes and commentaries on the Scriptures,