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Revelation Old and New

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Forsyth was not just an academic or armchair theologian, he was a preaching theologian—the best kind. His profound and far reaching theological work was grounded in his proclamation of the people of God that had gripped him. In this book we hear Forsyth the preacher. Revelation Old and New is a collection made long after he died, of a number of his sermons and addresses. They are a valuable resource still for the church today. P.T. Forysth has been called a prophet of the twentieth century. Had he been widely heeded in his day, the history of that century and of the church in particular, might have been very different. At the beginning of the twenty first century we still need to catch up with what he was saying back then.



I. Revelation, Old and New
(delivered under the auspices of the Guilds of St Cuthbert's Parish Church, Edinburgh, I911)

2. The Ideal City
(preached at the Congregational Church, Llandrindod Wells, on 20th July, 1913, on an occasion when the Urban District Council Association Conference attended the service.)

3. The Church as the Corporate Missionary of the Gospel
(preached in part at the Primitive Methodist Conference, June, 1909.)

4. The Power of the Resurrection
(appeared in The Examiner, 11th April, I90L)

5. Forgiveness through Atonement the Essential of Evangelical Christianity
(abstract of a paper read at the International Congregational Council in Edinburgh, 1st July, 19o8, as reported in The British Congregationalist, 2nd July, 1908.)

6. The Place of Spiritual Experience in the making of Theology
(a paper read to the National Council of the Evangelical Free Churches at Birmingham, as reported in The Christian World Pulpit, zest March, 1906.)

7. The Goodness of God
(A College Communion address, as reported in The British Congregationalist, l0th August, 1911r.)

8. The Majesty and the Mercy of God
(Notes of a sermon preached at New Court Church, Tollington Park, London, on 3oth April, 1911, as reported in The British Congregationalist, 4th May, 1911)

9. Suffering
(Notes of a Sermon preached at Hackney College, January 1913, reproduced from Dr Forsyth's pencil notes.)

10. The Ideal Ministry
(as printed in The British Congregationalist, 18th October, 1906.)

11. How to Help your Minister
(as republished in The Christian World, 24th August, 1950.)

12. The Ministers Prayer
(as published in The British Congregationalist, 6th June, I907-)

13. Lay Religion
( as published in the The British Congregationalist 29th April 1909

Revelation Old and New

P.T. Forsyth

by P.T. Forsyth

Subject: Sermons and Addresses

Book Code: 372

Pages: 145 pp, Book

Pub. Date: 1993

ISBN: 0 864408 251 7

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