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Pastoral Dynamics for Pastors and the People

Pastoral Dynamics for Pastors & the People

Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

by Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

Publisher: NCPI

Subject: Pastoral Counselling

Book Code: 357

Pages: 47 pp, Booklet

Pub. Date: 1999

ISBN: 0 86408 235 5

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Pastoral Dynamics for Pastors & the People

About this book

Pastoral Dynamics for Pastors and the People-Book One is the first of a series of books to be published on the subject of Pastoral life and activity. Without doubt what is important to theology is the day by day life of the Church. This is where all the action is. The Church is a remarkable organism, a living society in which, and through which, God's mission to the world is taking place.

It is remarkable that over many years innumerable local churches have risen and have had memorable ministry in the world society and have helped to shape the lives of many in their communities. It is also noteworthy that churches have risen only to fall, and because of varying circumstances have come to be obliterated. Sometimes on the ashes of local churches have arisen new churches and communities continue to be served. To stave off the demise of themselves or in order to extend themselves certain techniques are devised and followed. These techniques are sometimes taken from secular organisations and their business principles.

A better way than this is seen in going back to the dynamics of the early Church and seeing the factors which gave it its life and power. Those factors are discussed in this present book and will be extended to further volumes. Seeing the Church as Christ's living people and as an organism before being an organisation, gives fresh hope for rich pastoral life and ministry. These books deserve a hearing.

Geoffrey Bingham, (1919-2009) was involved in Christian Ministry and teaching over many decades, and seemed to have the essence of the subject he taught in his books. His many roles as a husband, father, grandfather, prisoner of war, writer, missionary pastor and Bible College principal have given him valuable insights.