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The Soul of Prayer
P T Forsyth

Soul of Prayer (The)

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Peter Forsyth was a household name at the turn of the twentieth century. He was noted for his theological depth as few other British theologians have been known. His books are still read and reread. The publication of this volume is a testimony to that, for it is demanded. People want a copy for their very own. Readers go time and time again to his discourse on prayer. It is difficult to think of any of his contemporaries who is so honoured. He keeps alive a passion for the gospel as he introduces us to the holiness of God.

Manuals of prayer may well have their place in instructing us in the way of intimate devotion towards God, but this present book The Soul of Prayer goes beyond the methodology of manuals. Those who only browse through Forsyth may find pearls of wisdom by the way, but those who read him thoroughly live in a world of devotion which is not ashamed to be called 'theological'.

Here is one profound quote, so easily read: 'Prayer alone prevents our receiving God's grace in vain. Which means that it establishes the soul of a man or a people, creates the moral personality day by day, spreads outward the new heart through society, and goes to make a new ethos in mankind.'


For many years we have been reprinting Peter Forsyth's books and one which has been in demand by many is the present volume The Soul of Prayer. Pastor, scholar and general reader alike have asked for this book, and the edition requested has been the Second Edition published by Independent Press in 1949, that one we here reproduce. The First Edition was published by The Epworth Press in 1916. For a stimulating biography of Forsyth, the work by his daughter Jessie Forsyth Andrews is available in The Work of Christ, first published in 1910 by Hodder and Stoughton, and which we reproduced from the 1948 Impression (Independent Press) in 1994. An excellent work on Forsyth by Dean Carter is included in the book Marriage: Its Ethic and Religion, first published by Hodder and Stoughton in 1912, later by Independent Press in 1957 and us in 1999.

Soul of Prayer (The)P.T. Forysth

by by P.T. Forsyth

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Publisher: NCPI

Subject: Prayer

Book Code: 331

Pages:92 pp

Pub. Date: 1990

ISBN: 0 86408 226 6

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