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From Bethlehem to Olivet

From Bethlehem to Olivet

Sir Marcus Loane

by Sir Marcus Loane

Subject: Christ in the Gospels

Book Code: 328

Pages: 120 pp, Book

Pub. Date: 1998

ISBN: 0 86408 216 9

From Bethlehem to Olivet

One of the most appealing features of the Gospel narrative is its never-failing freshness. The facts are bedded in the solid rock of history, but the message is as undated and relevant as when it was first proclaimed. We all long to know what God is like; and in the Gospels we see how God has shone in the darkness to show the light of His glory in the face of Jesus Christ. This series of studies on texts from the Synoptic Gospels seeks to follow in His footsteps from the cradle in Bethlehem to the Ascension from Olivet. He was 'mighty in deed and in word'; and even at this distance in time, what He said and what He did touches our lives. It makes us long to know Him better, and to love Him more. It was with that object in mind that this little book was written.


The Most Reverend Sir Marcus Loane (1912-2009) was formerly Anglican Archbishop of Sydney and Primate of all Australia. For many years the Principal of Moore Theological College, Sydney, he travelled widely in Australia and overseas, bringing his theological, ministerial and devotional insights to many situations.