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by Geoffrey Bingham

Publisher: NCPI

Subject: Faith

Book Code: 324

Pages: 36 pp, A4

Pub. Date: 1998

ISBN: 0 86408 214 2

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Apostolic Faith in Today's World

Pastors' School 1998—Evening Sessions

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Apostolic Faith

What was it that suddenly awoke the timid Christian community, fifty days after the Passover at which time Jesushad beencrucified?

What was it that set them alight as a humble, yet powerful community?

Why were they so gripped by life together, the love for one another and the care that was practical, yet ever proclaiming the astonishment of their newly revealed Messiah?

It was because the Cross and passion of their Lord became real to them, and universally significant. It was because the Resurrection was an outstanding fact for all mankind, all history. It was Christís Ascension and Reigning at the right hand of God that amazed them. Yet none of this could be real without the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. It was he who led into all the truth, clarified the doctrines and dynamics of the Christ event.

Why should we not, by the power of the Holy Spirit, recover the same apostolic joy and love and power.

This is what our Pastorsí School is all about.

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Session Titles

The Apostolic Truth Bursts onto the World
The Apostolic Witness for All Time
The Apostolic Covenant
The Apostolic Freedom
The Climax of the Apostolic Faith

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