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Faith's Framework: The Structure of New Testament Theology

Faith's Framework: The Structure of New Testament Theology

Donald Robinson

by Donald Robinson

Publisher: NCPI

Subject: Apostolic Gospel

Book Code: 309

Pages: 152 pp, Book

Pub. Date: 1996

ISBN: 0 86408 201 0

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Faith's FrameworkPreface

In 1981 I was honoured to give the annual Moore College lectures, under the title of 'The Structure of New Testament Theology'. They have been slightly edited for publication, and I am indebted to Mr John Waterhouse of Albatross Books for his advice in this regard. I also wish to thank the Reverend Dr Peter O'Brien for his assistance in checking (and in some cases finding!) the references. I offer this little book about the gospel and the New Testament canon as a token of gratitude to my former colleagues and students at Moore College.

The lack of theological unity in and among the churches today is disturbing. Although many perceive the need for agreed principles of New Testament interpretation, there is little sign of an agreed science of hermeneutics emerging. Reflection on the role of the canon, and on the nature of the original gospel and of the apostolic tradition to which the canon testifies, may assist in giving us a right perspective. That at least is my hope in putting my thoughts on paper.

Donald Robinson Preface to the Second Edition

The New Testament is the shape it is because of the peculiar authority of Christ's apostles and the nature of the gospel they were entrusted with. That gospel was, in short, the proclamation that 'the kingdom of God is near'. Both the implications of that proclamation and its timing were determined by what the Hebrew scriptures ('the law and the prophets') already disclosed about God's rule over the world and his promise to Abraham that Israel and all nations would be 'blessed' through his 'seed'.

This book is an attempt to link together these crucial ideas. Thus, in indicating the structure of the New Testament, it also provides an outline of Biblical theology as a whole.

The way into this study via a historical sketch of the formation of the New Testament canon may be daunting for some. Fear not! Start with chapter 2, 'The "Gospel" and the "Apostle"'.

I am grateful to my old friend Geoffrey Bingham for his encouragement in making possible a re-printing of Faith's Framework.

Donald Robinson

Bishop Donald Robinson served as Vice-Principal of Moore Theological College 1959-72 and Archbishop of Sydney 1982-93