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Relationships: Divine-Human

SA Pastors' School 1994 

Relationships: Divine-Human

by Various speakers

Publisher: NCPI

Subject: Pastoral Trinitarian Theology

Book Code: 284

Pages: 95 pp, Book

Pub. Date: 1994

ISBN: 0 86408 177 4

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Pastors School 1994

Trinitarian Theology is living, in that it is relational. Often folk have dreaded Trinity Sunday, as though once in the year they had better try to solve the mystery of the Trinity, try to rationalize it with its obvious arithmetical problem. Trinity is a mystery, but then—like all God's mysteries—one we do not solve, but one in which we live.


Session Titles

Study 1: The Pastoral Power of Trinitarian Theology  by Geoffrey Bingham

Study 2: The Law of the Triune Godhead  by Geoffrey Bingham

Study 3: The Triune God in Creation by Ian Pennicook

Study 4: The Triune God & the Eternal Covenant by Martin Bleby

Study 5: The Triune God in Israel by Ian Pennicook

Appendix to Study 5: The Words & the Word of Jesus by Ian Pennicook

Study 6: The Divine Relationships Displayed in the Law of God   by Rod James

Study 7: Law & Gospel-Their Interrelationship  by Geoffrey Bingham

Study 8: Calvin's Mystery of the Trinity (outline) by Dean Carter
Calvin's Mystery of the Trinity by Dean Carter ( Full text)

Study 9: Christ: God's Priest & Oblation  by Deane Meatheringham

Study 10: The Trinity in Justification & Sanctification by Geoffrey Bingham

Study 11: Renewal in the Image of God-By Christ & the Spirit by Ian Pennicook

Study 12: Reconciliation Within the Mystery of the Godhead by Grant Thorpe

Study 13: Man, the Law & Trinitarian Relationships by Deane Meatheringham

Study 14: True Being is Communion-Divine & Human  by Martin Bleby

Study 15: Marriage-The Profound Mystery by Geoffrey Bingham

Study 16: The Law of Love-Now & Forever by Grant Thorpe

Study 17: The Kingdom of God-Relationships Divine & Human  by Geoffrey Bingham

Workshop: Christianity Rediscovered + Appendix by Geoffrey Bingham