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The Story of the Acts of God
Story of the Acts of God (The)

Rev. Ian Pennicook

by Rev. Ian Pennicook

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Publisher: NCPI

Subject: Salvation History

Book Code: 283

Pages: 231 pp, Book

Pub. Date: 1994

ISBN: 0 86408 172 3

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Story of the Acts of God (The)


While providing non-academic readers with a clear introduction to the contents of the Bible, The Story of the Acts of God also demonstrates the way the Scriptures present the answers to the great questions of life: Is there meaning in life? Is history moving towards a goal, or are we doomed to repeat the cycle of the past until the world ends, either with a bang or a whimper?

'Those of us who are living in the Kingdom of God may understand history not as the swirl of circumstances but as those events by which God is effecting his purposes. What he began at creation he is bringing to the goal'. The Story of the Acts of God, then, gives the reader a thrilling overview of the Scriptures as they in turn are the revelation which God has given of himself and of all that he is about in creation and in human affairs.

About the author ...

Ian Pennicook, M.A. B.Th. Th.L., is the NSW Director of New Creation Teaching Ministry. Ordained into the Anglican ministry, he now has a wide-ranging teaching ministry in many denominations. Ian is married to Zara and has four adult children.