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In Exile on Patmos

In Exile on Patmos


In July 1973, Archbishop Loane, accompanied by the Rev. L. R. Shilton (at that time Rector of Holy Trinity, Adelaide) and Hugh Craft from the Australian Embassy in Athens, spent three days on the island of Patmos. They had time to traverse it in long walks as far as Lambi Bay in the north and Stavros in the south, sometimes following well-worn trails and sometimes finding their own way over bare rocky ridges. Their main object was to explore the whole island on which St John was in exile and to try to recapture the atmosphere which pervades the Book of the Revelation. St John's pictorial language often reflects his environment on Patmos, and a visit to the island helps to throw light on many of his sayings. This experience underlies the series of studies in this book.

The chapters based on the Fourth Gospel and on the First Epistle of St John are by way of introduction to the Apocalypse. They are designed to help the reader to respond with understanding to the great injunction about the 'comfortable words' in the Communion Service of the Church of England (1662): 'Hear what St John saith'.

Special tribute must be paid to Margaret McEntee for her cover painting of the Island of Patmos and to Glenys Murdoch for her work in connection with the cover design.

The Most Reverend Sir Marcus Loane (1912-2009) was formerly Anglican Archbishop of Sydney and Primate of all Australia. For many years the Principal of Moore Theological College, Sydney, he has travelled widely in Australia and overseas, bringing his theological, ministerial and devotional insights to many situations. His writing of books ranged over many decades.

In Exile on Patmos

Sir Marcus Loane

by Sir Marcus Loane

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Subject: Apostle John

Book Code: 272

Pages: 140 pp, Book

Pub. Date: 1993

ISBN: 0 86408 161 8