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Commentary: Song of Solomon

Love is Stronger Than Death

Commentary: Song of Solomon Love is Stronger Than Death

Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

by Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

Subject: Commentary

Book Code: 250

Pages: 50 pp, A4

Pub. Date: 1991

ISBN: 0 86408 142 1

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This Book is called things such as 'the Song', 'the Song of Songs', 'the Song of Solomon' and, 'Canticles', and the opening verse has 'The Sublime Song of Solomon' (M. H. Pope), 'The Song of Songs, which is Solomon's' (RSV, JB). Many and varied are the views regarding the authorship of this Book as well as the time its writing. So varied are they that we cannot enter into a discussion on them. As for authorship, the text credits Solomon with having written it, and we know that Solomon was certainly a composer of songs. I Kings 4:32 says, 'He also uttered three thousand proverbs; and his songs were a thousand and five'. This context tells us he was deeply interested in flora and fauna-things which are certainly mentioned in the Song of Songs. 'The Song of Songs, which is Solomon's,' certainly seems to make him author, but it could simply mean that it was a Song dedicated to King Solomon, i.e. that he owned it, having been given it. The King is mentioned six times in the text, but if we look at the allusions (1:5; 3:7,9,11; 8:11–12), none of them refers directly to the story itself. There are references to 'the king' (1:4,12; 7:5), but these need not be applied to Solomon, although that would seem natural when we think the poem is his. Whether we regard Solomon as the author of the Song will depend greatly on which one of the many views we hold...


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