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Letters to Brian & Daniel

Twenty-four Studies in Galatians with discussion questions

Letters to Brian & Daniel: Twenty-four Studies in Galatians with discussion questions

by John Dunn John Dunn

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Subject: Bible Study, Commentary- Galatians

Book Code: 223

Pages: 118 pp, Book

Pub. Date: 1989

ISBN: 0 86408 115 4

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Letters to Brian & Daniel


GALATIANS is a fabulous New Testament book to study, and really relevant for today. I first read it when I was a kid at school (although it didn't mean much to me then). But now I'm referring to it constantly, and I keep re-reading its message so that I can be regularly reminded of its great teaching.

These twenty-four studies were originally written as letters to two young teenage friends of mine, as an encouragement to them in their daily study of the Scriptures. The reason I did it was because I'd been pretty disappointed by the Bible study notes currently available for their age group, and so decided to have a go at writing some myself.

If you are serious about wanting to study this part of God's Word, then I would encourage you to set aside a regular time to use these notes (preferably each day), and try to get hold of what the great Apostle Paul was saying in his Letter to the Christians at Galatia. I'm sure, if you really get stuck into it, you'll discover that it could have been written yesterday-just for you! Anyway, don't give up if the going gets a bit tough. Keep at it! You'll be richly rewarded as your understanding grows of God's great grace and love for you, as seen through this letter.

Don't miss the value of memorising the verses I've listed in some of the studies. Make the effort to learn them off by heart. You can do it if you really try!

If you want to get the maximum benefit from the notes, then you should look up the references as they are listed in each study. (For those who are not familiar with Bible references, these notes use the following abbreviations. John 3:16 means: The Gospel of John, chapter three, verse sixteen. 1 Peter 2:24-25 means: The first of Peter's two letters, chapter two, verses twenty-four and twenty-five.) It's also a good idea to read the basic section of Galatians in the Revised Standard Version of the Bible (RSV), and then in one of the modern versions, such as Good News for Modern Man.

Because ideas and questions will come into your mind as you study, keep a little notebook handy so that you can write these down. I know it sounds a bit like school, but do it anyway!

Hey, don't forget to answer the questions!

John Dunn, Chatswood, 1988