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The Weakness of God & the Power of Man
Book Title: Weakness of God & the Power of Man (The)

Deane Meatheringham

by Rev. Deane Meatheringham

Subject: Power & Weakness

Pages: 10 pp, Booklet

Pub. Date: 1981

Book Code: 155

ISBN: 0 94985 198 1

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Weakness of God & the Power of Man (The)

Almost a decade ago the question was asked, 'Must the pastor be a superstar?' We have been taught to answer, 'No, he is not'. The superstar image, however, lingers on. It may undergo various metamorphoses, now presenting in this or that shape, but still retaining its power.

Over recent days I have been shown yet again the vanity and the calamity of superstarring. 'I will be God's hands, God's feet, God's arrangements supervisor, God's evangelist'.

All for God's glory, of course! And we may strain to obtain, and to utilize all the power available so as to create great interest to make God's name famous.

The straight truth is that ultimately when all is said and done this power may accomplish little of lasting worth in the Kingdom of God. We may even be fighting God. Have you ever tried to outrun God?

Instead of superstar pastors the emphasis in our time may be on superstar churches. Instead of 'me-ism' it becomes 'us-ism'; like priest, like people.

The Word, which I have for you concerns 'The Weakness of God and the Power' of Man '. We could speak of the weakness of man and the power of God. Maybe that's what you think I should have said. I agree firmly that this also is true. Yet the apostle Paul, in I Cor. 1:25 states: 'The weakness of God is stronger than men', i.e. God's weakness is stronger than man's power. Hence, 'The weakness of God and the Power of Man', for Paul is expounding the power of weakness.