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The Meek & the Bold

Meek & the Bold (The)


In this booklet, the author shows why Christians are frequently timid and why churches sometimes resemble the anxious-to-please labrador. He looks at the church's sometimes blustering past-a false confidence not to be resurrected.

Great tasks wait to be done and Christians are urged into action, often with no effect. The writer sees the need for a rediscovery of meekness—the meekness of Christ and of grateful Christian faith.

'The meek are not those who are cowered before their fellow men, but—those who have been humbled before God. They know the true meekness of living—as a creature in a Creator's world, as a saved person in the presence of their 'Saviour' as a subject in the King's kingdom, and as a servant in a world of brothers. They have become sharers of God's nature as revealed by Christ.'

Grant Thorpe has pastored Baptist churches in South Australia for fourteen years, served as a staff-worker with the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (formerly I. V. F.) for over six years, and worked with many Christians in many settings and a number of Christian denominations. His approach is personal, knowing that a renewal of true a boldness will occur as persons are renewed in the gospel.

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Meek & the Bold (The)

Grant Thorpe

by Rev. Grant Thorpe

Subject: Meekness (True)

Pages: 30 pp, Booklet

Pub. Date: 1986

Book Code: 106

ISBN: 0 86408 047 6

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