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Extravagant Grace: Indispensable Cross

'The Cross! Let it not once be named in the ears of a Roman', was a saying in the ancient world.

To bind the horrible indignity of crucifixion with the luxurious goodness of God is preposterous for pleasure-seeking humans of the twentieth century.

These studies will attempt to reveal the lavishment of God's grace upon His enemies in the Cross of Jesus Christ. Surrounded by the venom of human hostility, God outstrips us to exhaust the evil done to Him, and pour out His goodness on those who deserve exclusion from His presence. Paul says that where sin increased more and more, grace over leapt it and supra-abounded.

God's work of grace in the Cross is as indispensable as the air we breathe. No grace means no Cross. No Cross means no hope. The grace of the Cross is all sufficient.

The Cross is indispensable from the Gospel and from the reality of a moral, purposeful universe. The areas nominated below are those covered in the studies showing the cruciality of the Cross:

(i) That the plan of God can be fulfilled:

(ii) To satisfy the holiness of God:

(iii) For the defeat of God's enemies:

(iv) To arrest ingrained rebels'

(v) The moral regeneration of believers.


Extravagant Grace: Indispensable Cross

Five Bible studies


Rev. Deane Meatheringham

Subject: Grace, Christ's Cross

Book Code: 055

Pages: 16 pp, Book

Pub. Date: 1986

ISBN: 0 86408 044 1

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