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The Cruciality of the Cross
by Peter Forsyth

Cruciality of the Cross (The)


Three outstanding nineteenth century evangelical English theologians are R. W. Dale, James Denney and P. T. Forsyth. Each made his impact in his time. James Denney's books are still widely read, but even more widely studied are the works of P. T. Forsyth. Highly appreciated by such theologians as Canon J. K. Mozley, J. S. Whale and Emil Brunner, Forsyth is a mine of theological riches to he dug by us today.

His primary emphasis was upon the nature of God as holy love, and he saw such love displayed in the Cross. At heart he burned with passion for the Atonement. More correctly, it was the Atonement which evoked such passion within him. His many books throb with this strong response to God's grace.

He says of himself, 'It pleased God by the revelation of His boldness and grace which the great theologians taught me to find in the Bible, to bring home to me my sin in a way which submerged all school questions in weight, urgency and poignancy. 'I was turned from a Christian to a believer, from a lover of love to an object of grace.' It is this sense and understanding of grace which pervades Forsyth's writings. That is why, some seventy years after his death, Forsyth is still being read. We may add, 'more than ever.'

Title: Cruciality of the Cross (The)

P.T. Forysth

by P. T. Forsyth

Subject: Cross (The Centrality of the)

Book Code: 042

Pages: 218 pp, Book

Pub. Date: 1984

ISBN: 0 86408 012 3

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