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Christianity Is Christ
Title: Christianity Is Christ

Deane Meatheringham

by Rev. Deane Meatheringham

Subject: Evangelism

Book Code: 024

Pages: 8 pp, Booklet

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Christianity Is Christ 

As you have yielded your confidence in faith to Jesus Christ so you have become one with Him. The step that you have taken is the greatest one of your life. You will discover that with Christ life can never be the same. You will begin to see things from a new perspective, for Christ changes our direction of living, not only in this life, but also for eternity.

We thank God that He has enabled you to believe in Christ as your personal Saviour and that you want Him to be the Head of your life. Be assured that people are praying for you, and that there is joy in heaven because of what happened to you.

When we become Christians it is important that we grow and mature in our relationship with Christ. You have just been introduced to Him, Christ is yours, and one of the richest experiences of being a Christian is coming to know Him in a deeper and closer way. The following points are not rules or laws, but suggestions to help you succeed as a Christian.