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Alcoholism: Medically Documented Sin

Alcoholism: Medically Documented Sin

by Dr. Marjorie Wellby

Subject: Alcoholism

Book Code: 001

Pages: 36 pp, Booklet

Pub. Date: 1993

ISBN: 0 86408 010 7

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Alcoholism: Medically Documented Sin


Books on alcoholism rarely attract much attention. This is because we have concluded that all that needs to he known about the subject has been conclusively researched. The author of this book does not think so. For ten years a medical worker with the Alcoholic and Drug Addicts Treatment Board, she has had cause to think past the basic therapies generally used for alcoholics. She makes the radical statement that alcoholism is 'medically documented sin'. For this reason her book is quite startling. Many readers will of course reject her treatise as 'unscientific'. Is this then the case? Marjorie Wellby believes her discovery can be of great value and use, especially where true faith comes into action. That it is a useful book should not be in doubt. Its analysis and application need not he confined simply to alcoholism, but can he extended to other related aberrations and addictions. For this reason we need to listen to what is said.

The author, Marjorie Wellby, is a doctor who has practised in Adelaide, South Australia for a number of years. Her husband Maurice was also a doctor in pathology. They have one daughter, Jane.