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Knowing God's Forgiveness

Knowing God;s Forgiveness

John Dunn

by John Dunn

Subject: God's foorgiveness

Book Code: 403

Pages:391 pp, book

Pub. Date: 2005

ISBN: 0 86408 274 6

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About this BookKNowing God's Forgiveness

Forgiveness of sin is a pivotal teaching of the Christian faith and basic to daily living for all who truly believe in Christ. Not that we humans can do anything to deserve or merit such an extraordinary favour it has been entirely due to the Father graciously and lovingly taking the initiative to do us good through his Son, Jesus Christ.

Thus right living comes through seeing that the sacrifice of Jesus on that Cross was for us personally, and it once and for all deals totally with our sin and guilt and failure in the eyes of our holy Father. The forgiveness of the Cross reaches down into the depths of our conscience to cleanse
from shame and blame; from bitterness and hatred; from anxiety and self-despising. God's forgiveness touches the deepest levels of our unconscious fears and insecurities, our inferiorities, our damaged emotions, our unresolved conflicts and tensions.

God's forgiveness is no light thing. The Cross is God's complete answer to the deepest of human needs in respect to our relationship with him. We only come to know God as we enter and live in a realised experience of his total forgiveness, and we only go on knowing God as we go on knowing and living in that same experience of liberation. There is no higher, greater or richer experience for any man, woman, boy or girl than to know the wonder of God's love and grace in his forgiveness of their sin.

John Dunn lived in Sydney and ran a consultancy company specialising in the design of trains and trams. He is the author of several engineering publications as well as numerous study notes and commentaries on the Scriptures. He wrote "Running the Race' and biographies of Charles Spurgeon, George Mueller, John Bunyan, John Newton and other men of faith.