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Called to Faithfulness

God at Work in Broken Relationships

Called to Faithfulness

Edited by Greg John

Subject: Marriage, Covenant

Book Code: 387

Pages: 131 pp, Book

Pub. Date: 2002

ISBN: 0 86408 258 4

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arriage vows are taken 'until death parts us'

But when a 'marriage breakdown' happens, and one person leaves, and even enters into a marriage-type relationship with another person, what then? Is the original marriage still there?

This book is written by men and women who have been through the deep hurt and confusion of a marriage breakdown. At the time of writing, none of them has been reconciled to husband or wife. But each has come into a transforming experience of God's faithful and forgiving love. As a result, they know themselves to be called by God to be faithful in love to their estranged husband or wife, no matter what, and they tell of God's faithful love sustaining them in that.

One contributor writes: 'My marriage is not over; in fact I am now more actively and consciously involved in my marriage than I ever was before!'

I know no book like it for the matters of which it treats...a volume of loving wisdom and honest sharing...a gift in these sad times when divorce is compounding itself at an alarming rate, not only in what we call secular society, but in churches all over the world.

From the foreword by the Rev. Geoffrey Bingham