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Christ's Living Church Today

SA Pastors' School 1997 Evening Studies 

Christ's Living Church Today 

S.A. Pastors' School 1997 Evening Studies

Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

by Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

Morning Studies

Publisher: NCPI

Subject: Christ's Church

Book Code: 316

Pages: 39 pp, A4

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Pub. Date: 1997

ISBN: 0 86408 209 6

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Christ's Living Church TodayIn some 2,000 years the matter of the Church of God has never been a dead issue. Historians must take account of this remarkable body of people: its doctrine, modes of being, its life and its practice. No other religion or philosophical system could be called ‘One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic’. There are certainly big questions to be entertained and answered.

‘Has the church always been faithful to its Lord?’

‘Has it properly carried out the mandate given to it by its founder, Jesus Christ?’ ‘Has it always lived according to the constitution, the teaching and practice Christ initiated in the beginning?’

The answer must be that it has many times failed the charter and power given it, but in spite of all, it is the Body of the Living Christ himself, works in pursuit of the Kingdom of the Father, and knows the living presence and guidance of the gracious and powerful Holy Spirit. These days the nature of this Body of believing men and women is coming to the fore. Yes, the church is a mystery, but not one we cannot understand when willing to do so.

Session Titles by Geoffrey Bingham
An Introduction to the Studies
The Church Is One
The Church Is Holy
The Church Is Catholic
The Church Is Apostolic
The Israel of God & the Holy Telos